Outer Layer - Ski Clothing - Ski Equipment

Ski Clothing - Outer Layer

The outer layer generaly consists of;

  • Jacket
  • Salopettes or ski pants - one piece suit
  • Good quality fleece
  • Racing pants for spring skiing
  • Shell pants

The outer layer is of course designed to protect the wearer from the elements. It has to be waterproof and wind proof as well as allowing the wearer to move freely. The outer fabric should be breathable so as not to resemble a portable sauna! The vents on the garments will allow the moisture to escape. It should be as light weight as possible but be strong enough to act as a protection against the more abraisive effects of snow and ice. With the development of new fabrics it is possible to manufacture products that tick all the boxes, that is to be warm, dry, comfortable and lightweight.

Most outerwear will have some form of lining or insulation, this will add to the wearers comfort and warmth. Although shell jackets are lightweight, packable and offer protection from the elements outside, they will not have any insulating property so you will need to be more fastidious on your choice of base layer garments. You could try a 3 in 1 jacket which has an outer layer as well as and another insulation layer.