Ski Bindings - Ski Equipment

Ski Bindings - Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

Bindings are an extremely important piece of kit as far as safety goes. They are in fact the lynch pin between the boots and the skis. A good pair of bindings can significantly reduce the chances of a severe injury.

Bindings are designed to hold the boot firmly on to the ski. What option you choose will depend on a number of factors, including weight, height, skiing experience, type of skiing activity (downhill, cross country, telemark) and your own personal preferences.

They also have to be responsive to being released if you fall and put excessive strain on your legs. They need to be able to pull your boot back to the centre of the ski if they need to. Beginners tend to fall backwards so it is important to go for bindings which the toe as well as the heel to release vertically.

Generally the bindings consist of three parts or components:

  • A heel piece - releases upwards - opens in a forward fall
  • A toe piece - sideways release if falling and twisting at the same time
  • A brake - the brake will lift out of the snow when you step in. If it is released the brake shoots back down and this will go some way to preventing the ski from flying off and causing injuries to other boarders and skiers.

It is important not to add any lubricant to your bindings as this will alter your release settings.