Ski Tips For Beginners

Beginners Ski & Snowboarding Tips

Choose a resort that is suitable for your skills or lack of them.

Take a course of lessons before you go.

Take up excersise. Learn to re-use the muscles needed to ski and include some balancing excersises that will help you regain your upright position a lot quicker.

Don't forget to pack the plasters.

Shorter skis are better for beginners because they give you more control and are easier to manoeuver.

Ensure that any children or old people use body armour such as wrist guards and knee and elbow pads.

Take a muscle relaxing product to add to your hot bath each day.

Pack some Ibuprofen to ease aching muscles during your trip.

When skiing - try to relax.

At the end of each run pause and take 10 deep slow breaths as this will fuel your muscles with the oxygen which will energise you.