Common Health Problems

Common Ski Health Problems

High Altitiude Sickness: This is generally due to too rapid an ascent, with no acclimatisation. The basic rule is that if you begin to feel unwell, descend straight away and seek assistance from the resort medical facility. You should be aware of the danger of sunburn. Do not forget to protect your eyes with good quality goggles or sunglasses even on cloudy days.

Hypothermia: You need to wear adequate clothing, a layer system using thermal fleece clothing with wind and waterproof outer garments. Not forgetting a hat or ski helmet and gloves. You also need to eat enough food to enable you to function. Remember that alcohol exacerbates the effects of hypothermia.

Cold Injuries: At the frostnip stage the skin has a waxy apprarance but tissue is not yet frozen and can usually be easily re-warmed. Body heat is normally sufficient by placing a warm hand on a cold cheek or cold fingers into an armpit. Make sure you have plenty up stops. With frostbite, tissue freezes, a much more serious problem requiring medical treatment to save as much of it as possible.

Dehydration: It is vital to keep hydrated. Lack of fluids can compound all problems. Water, non-fizzy soft driks or tea will quench thirst better than coffee or alcohol.

Minor Injuries: To help with irritating cuts and grazes, put a few basic first aid items in your pocket from a selection of adhesive plasters to headache tablets.