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March 2013 Travel Insurance News

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31/03/2013 – Ferry passengers avoid delays
Those travelling by ferry this holiday weekend have narrowly avoided travel chaos.

28/03/2013 – Easter disruptions for cross-channel passengers
Cross-channel ferry passengers may see travel disruptions over this Easter weekend.

25/03/2013 – Briton has premature birth abroad without travel insurance
A British mother has given birth abroad and is stuck with a hefty bill because she didn’t take out travel coverage.

21/03/2013 – Cunard Cruise Lines scales back formal dress code
Formal dress requirements for Cunard Cruise passengers have been scaled back.

18/03/2013 – US dog mistakenly put on flight to Ireland
A family dog travelled all the way from the US to Ireland after it was mistakenly put on the wrong flight.

14/03/2013 – United delays flight so man can visit dying mother
United Airlines delayed a flight to help a man see his mother for the last time.

11/03/2013 – More than 50% of British Columbians travel without insurance
A recent study has shown that a surprising amount of British Columbia residents travel abroad without insurance.

07/03/2013 – US flights grounded by winter storm
Airline passengers travelling through the eastern US are facing substantial weather disruptions in the coming days.

04/03/2013 – Which? survey reveals travel insurance dissatisfaction
A new report from consumer group Which? has revealed a high level of dissatisfaction among travel insurance customers.

01/03/2013 – Lufthansa wage talks underway
Lufthansa officials have begun negotiations with German labour unions ahead of major cost-cutting efforts.

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