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January 2013 Travel Insurance News

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31/01/2013 – Lack of travel cover costly for British tourist in Thailand
A British man is facing heavy medical bills after not taking out travel insurance for a holiday in Thailand.

28/01/2013 – Gatwick chief wants to limit Heathrow departures in winter
The top official of London’s Gatwick airport has said that the government should limit flights from Heathrow in winter

24/01/2013 – BA’s Leeds Bradford flights change to T5 at Heathrow
British Airways’ Leeds Bradford flights will move terminals at Heathrow beginning in the spring.

21/01/2013 – Thousands stuck at Heathrow amid snow
Thousands of passengers saw extended stays at Heathrow airport at the weekend.

17/01/2013 – FAA grounds Dreamliner
Boeing’s newly released widebody aircraft has been grounded in the US by the country’s aviation body.

14/01/2013 – Gatwick ‘prepared for snow’
Gatwick airport is now fully prepared for winter weather, officials said last week.

10/01/2013 – Sainsbury’s Insurance warns of rising winter sports costs
Winter sports enthusiasts face higher costs for the treatment of injuries this year, industry experts have warned.

07/01/2013 – New marketing efforts for Virgin Travel Insurance
Virgin Money has stepped up promotion for its Australia-based travel insurance policies.

03/01/2013 – New rights for cruise passengers
New European regulations have extended the rights of cruise ship passengers.

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