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October 2012 Travel Insurance News

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29/10/2012 – Thousands of flights cancelled as Sandy eyes US east coast
Airports stretching from Virginia to Boston have reported massive cancellations as Hurricane Sandy approaches the northe

25/10/2012 – British holidaymakers strap in for Hurricane Sandy
Tropical Storm Sandy is expected to reach hurricane status as it takes aim on the island of Jamaica.

22/10/2012 – Passengers injured amid Glasgow airport plane evacuation
Several people were injured on Friday during the evacuation of a jet at Glasgow airport.

18/10/2012 – Minoan travel company to open post office kiosks
Tour operator Minoan has negotiated a deal to put travel kiosks inside British post office locations.

15/10/2012 – American Airlines extends cancellations into November
American Airlines has opted to extend its reduced schedule into November, the company announced at the weekend.

11/10/2012 – Kingfisher aims to re-launch on 20 October
Struggling Indian carrier Kingfisher has changed the booking schedule to show that flights resume on 20 October.

08/10/2012 – Kingfisher’s license may be revoked
Ailing airline Kingfisher may soon have its aviation permits revoked by Indian government officials.

04/10/2012 – ANA’s Tokyo to Seattle Dreamliner launch delayed
Japanese carrier ANA was forced to delay its inaugural Boeing 787 flight from Seattle to Tokyo this week

01/10/2012 – Computer crash causes immigration delays at Glasgow airport
Hundreds of travellers were stuck overnight at Glasgow airport amid a Border Force computer failure.

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