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February 2012 Travel Insurance News

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27/02/2012 – Tiger to launch Indonesia venture in April
Tiger Airways Holdings has announced that it will launch Indonesia’s new PT Mandala Airlines in April.

23/02/2012 – France to require visitors to carry breathalyser kit
Those opting to visit France will now have to keep a breathalyser kit in their vehicle to avoid fines.

20/02/2012 – Taurus has highest travel insurance claims
A new report has said that Taurus is the astrological sign whose travel insurance claims are the highest.

16/02/2012 – US carriers see good year for on-time performance
2011 proved to be on of the best years on record in terms of on-time performance for US-based airlines.

13/02/2012 – British airports seek to become ‘world’s most welcoming’
A new joint effort is aiming to make airports in Britain the ‘most welcoming’ airports worldwide.

09/02/2012 – BAA: Snow struggles to stay at Heathrow
Heathrow airport’s operating firm has said that its trouble with snow accumulation will always be a problem.

06/02/2012 – UK airports back to normal following snow disruptions
Airports in Britain and beyond are fully open after snowfall at the weekend, though some delays remain.

02/02/2012 – Up to $1 billion in costs due to Costa Concordia disaster
Experts have said that the Costa Concordia ordeal could cost the industry as much as $1 billion (£633 million).

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