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September 2011 Travel Insurance News

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29/09/2011 – Calls for compulsory travel cover over Bali case
Travel cover for trips abroad should be mandatory, says MP.

26/09/2011 – Corrupt doctors accused of travel insurance fraud
Doctors and holidaymakers are costing insurers £6 million in false claims.

22/09/2011 – Five-day search finds US tourist feared dead in Ireland
A woman from the USA feared dead has been found following a five-day search.

19/09/2011 – Man appears in court over death of British tourist
A Kenyan man has plead not guilty over the death of a UK tourist and the kidnapping of his wife.

15/09/2011 – Aussie passports to offer third gender option
Australia starts offering passport holders the option of indeterminate gender.

12/09/2011 – Russian hockey air disaster claims life of last team member
The lone survivor of a crash that killed the rest of a Russian hockey team has died of his injuries.

08/09/2011 – Air disaster hits top Russian ice hockey team
A chartered jet carrying the Lokomotiv team has crashed, killing 43.

05/09/2011 – Holiday health risks greatest in Spain, Turkey
Brits on holiday face the biggest health risks in Spain and Turkey, a new survey shows.

01/09/2011 – Pilots, dependent on computers, are forgetting how to fly
Airline pilots have become so dependent on aviation computers they are forgetting the basics of the job.

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