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August 2011 Travel Insurance News

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29/08/2011 – Tropical storm Irene leaves Brits stranded in the USA
Some British travellers have been stuck in the USA after the huge storm slammed into the US east coast.

25/08/2011 – Hurricane Irene slams the Bahamas
Nassau has been spared the worst as Irene batters much of the Bahamas islands.

22/08/2011 – Grown-up gap years drive medical insurance claims spike
Travel insurance claims for medical treatment are up by 400%.

18/08/2011 – Engineers at Qantas expected to strike
Engineers at Qantas will face a strike by engineers next weekend.

15/08/2011 – Qantas pilots ordered not to minimise flight delays
Pilots at the Australian carrier have been told to save fuel by not flying faster.

11/08/2011 – Badly-beaten British student in Australia gets huge bill
A gap-year student from the UK who was badly beaten by a gang in Australia, has been billed £650.

08/08/2011 – British honeymooners die in Maldives accident
British couple Jonathon and Emma Gray have died in an accident while honeymooning in the Maldives.

04/08/2011 – Men (and women) behaving slightly less badly abroad
The latest figures indicate that Brits are behaving slightly better abroad, but plenty are still getting in trouble.

01/08/2011 – British man in coma flown home from Bali
A British man who has been comatose since a motorcycle accident has been brought home from Bali.

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