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July 2011 Travel Insurance News

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28/07/2011 – Travel insurance is imperative
Holidaymakers should see travel cover as essential, rather than a luxury.

25/07/2011 – Top officials fired following deadly China rail crash
Three senior railway officials have been fired after a high-speed rail crash killed 35.

21/07/2011 – Woman pack twice as much as they need
A survey has found that women only use half of the 44 things they typically pack.

18/07/2011 – Essex Police warning about the dangers of laser pointers
Police warn of the danger of pointing laser pens at planes.

14/07/2011 – Passengers in France upset with Air Algerie strike
Paris Orly airport witnessed angry scenes as passengers were stranded by industrial action.

11/07/2011 – Dozens killed in Indian train crash
At least 69 people are thought to have died after a train derailed in Uttar Pradesh.

07/07/2011 – Revamp of ATOL holiday scheme announced
The government has announced plans to upgrade the ATOL holiday protection plan to widen coverage.

04/07/2011 – Tiger Airways and regulators talk about grounding
Australian operations by Singapore’s Tiger Airways were grounded on Saturday on safety fears.

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