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June 2011 Travel Insurance News

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30/06/2011 – Ash latest problem for Australian tourism
Volcanic ash from Chile is adding to Aussie tourism woes.

27/06/2011 – British woman in coma dies in Spain
A British holidaymaker has died in Spain after falling into a coma.

23/06/2011 – Qantas and Rolls-Royce settle A380 case
Qantas and Rolls-Royce have reached a settlement over last year’s mid-air explosion.

20/06/2011 – Chile’s volcanic ash travels the world, upsetting flights
Having gone around the world, Chile’s volcanic ash is back home to cause problems.

16/06/2011 – Qantas lowers targets, cuts plane orders
Australian carrier has lowered its growth targets and cancelled orders.

13/06/2011 – Tour bus company shuttered for carrying people with luggage
A US tour bus company was shut down after six people were discovered travelling in a coach’s luggage compartment.

09/06/2011 – Scottish hotels doing well
The latest figures show Scotland’s hotel sector is performing well.

06/06/2011 – Insurance premiums based on age could be illegal
European courts could soon rule against the calculation of travel insurance costs based on age.

02/06/2011 – FCO’s latest warning about travel insurance
The Foreign Office has again warned British travellers about the need to carry suitable travel insurance.

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