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May 2011 Travel Insurance News

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30/05/2011 – Warning to be honest on insurance applications
It pays to be completely honest on applications for travel cover, especially as people age.

26/05/2011 – Ash chaos could be avoided this weekend
It looks like travellers will be spared travel chaos this bank holiday weekend.

23/05/2011 – New Iceland volcano threat for flights
The eruption of another Icelandic volcano has already claimed some flight cancellations.

19/05/2011 – Summer pilot strike threat at Virgin
Pilots at Virgin are threatening the carrier’s first-ever pilots strike.

16/05/2011 – Government to confront unions over rail operating costs
Government demands for huge cuts likely to spark protests.

12/05/2011 – Earthquake kills nine in Spain
Historic town of Lorca hit by quake that leaves thousands homeless.

09/05/2011 – Malaria symptoms have travellers confused
British holidaymakers have been warned about the need to identify malaria symptoms.

05/05/2011 – Strong winds strand hundreds in Isles of Scilly
High winds forced the suspension of ferry services, stranding travellers in the Isles of Scilly.

02/05/2011 – Flight data recorder found at Air France crash site
Search teams have found one of the two flight recorders from the crash of an Air France jet.

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