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April 2011 Travel Insurance News

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28/04/2011 – Air India strike enters second day
A strike by pilots at Air India has led to more than 100 flights being cancelled.

25/04/2011 – Tornado-hit St Louis airport to re-open
Despite being hit by a tornado, Lambert-St Louis airport is to re-open

21/04/2011 – Facebook updates can give house thieves the break they need
Thieves following Facebook holiday updates can have your home address in 60 seconds.

18/04/2011 – New shift rules for napping air-traffic controllers
Reports of sleeping controllers have led to a revamp of work rules.

14/04/2011 – Holiday jet in emergency landing at Gatwick
News has emerged of a British holiday jet losing a ton of fuel before landing.

11/04/2011 – Jail for head of railway cable theft gang
The leader of a gang whose thefts caused railway chaos has been sent to prison.

07/04/2011 – Foreign Office updates Japan travel advice
As Japan continues the battle to fix its nuclear power plant, the FO has updated its travel advice.

04/04/2011 – Wreckage of 2009 Air France crash found
Pieces of the Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 have been found.

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