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March 2011 Travel Insurance News

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31/03/2011 – Tourists in desperate rush for flights off Samui
Hundreds of holidaymakers scrambled for tickets for lights off the flood-hit island of Samui in Thailand.

28/03/2011 – Travel warnings multiply
A number of nations have issued fresh or upgraded travel warnings to their citizens.

24/03/2011 – Cockpit fires cause Qantas emergency
A series of electrical fires in the cockpit resulted in a mid-air emergency for Qantas.

21/03/2011 – Plans back on for high-speed London-Frankfurt rail link
Trains could be hitting 200mph between London, the Netherlands and Germany by 2013.

17/03/2011 – Brits advised to leave Tokyo over radiation fears
British nationals in the Japanese capital and northern parts of the country have been warned to evacuate the area.

14/03/2011 – FCO warns on travel to Bahrain
The Foreign Office upgraded its advice to warn against travel to Bahrain.

14/03/2011 – Body of Lancashire man flown back from Thailand
Medical form mix-up left sick Brit without health insurance cover

07/03/2011 – US govt upgrades travel warning for Yemen
The US State Department has issued an upgraded warning on travel to Yemen.

03/03/2011 – Rolls-Royce speaks following further reported Qantas issues
Engine maker Rolls-Royce has spoken to the press following more reports of problems with engines at Qantas.

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