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February 2011 Travel Insurance News

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28/02/2011 – Special forces in second rescue mission to Libya
British special forces troops returned to the Libyan desert to evacuate more stranded civilians.

24/02/2011 – Flights from Singapore to Christchurch resume
Singapore Airlines has resumed flights between Singapore and New Zealand’s Christchurch.

21/02/2011 – Gay hotels probed over equality laws
Hotels that only take homosexual guests are under investigation for discriminating against straight couples.

17/02/2011 – Airbus says new Boeing needs a passenger evacuation test
Boeing’s biggest competitor says the new 747-8 needs fresh evacuation tests.

14/02/2011 – Government and BAA ‘colluded’ over drop-off charge
The Scottish government stands accused of having colluded with Edinburgh Airport owner BAA.

10/02/2011 – Nine hour New Delhi-London flight takes 21 hours
Passengers suffered through a series of unscheduled stops.

07/02/2011 – Belgian students taken off Ryanair flight from Spain
Spanish police removed over dozens of students from the Belgium-bound flight before it left the Canary Islands.

03/02/2011 – Ministers to have ATOL insurance scheme expanded
The Atol travel protection programme is to be expanded under new reforms.

02/02/2011 – The latest from the FCO on Travel to Egypt
New flights available from Cairo

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