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November 2010 Travel Insurance News

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29/11/2010 – Air France says Airbus ignored warnings in advance of crash
In a report to investigators Air France says Airbus failed to act on warnings about speed sensors.

25/11/2010 – Foreign Office tells skiers to double-check their insurance
FCO warns that failure to carry adequate cover could cost more than a broken arm or leg.

22/11/2010 – Tourists reassured over cholera in Dominican Republic
Tourists are being told not to cancel travel plans as cholera appears.

18/11/2010 – New security pat-downs are more intrusive: TSA boss
The head of US airport security admits that new pat-down procedures are more invasive.

15/11/2010 – Single part responsible for A380 engine blow-out
Engine maker Rolls-Royce says one faulty part caused the dramatic engine failure.

11/11/2010 – BA cabin crew strikes back on as deal rejected
Christmas strikes are on the cards at British Airways.

08/11/2010 – Dubai looking into freighter crash again following al-Qaeda
UAE authorities are reviewing the crash of a UPS cargo plane.

04/11/2010 – Qantas grounds entire A380 fleet following engine failure
Engine blow out on Airbus forced an emergency return to Singapore.

01/11/2010 – New licensing standard for travel insurance vendors in USA
The US Travel Insurance Association has set a new milestone for licensing standards.

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