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July 2010 Travel Insurance News

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29/07/2010 – Call for travellers to get insurance against airline failure
Travellers are urged to take out insurance against airline insolvency.

26/07/2010 – Mobile bills, baggage fees worst rip off say holidaymakers
British holidaymakers say they are most peeved at baggage fees and mobile phone charges.

22/07/2010 – Study finds elderly Brit travellers lack medical cover
A recently-released report details the problem of elderly travellers who lack travel insurance.

19/07/2010 – UK travel insurance helps record number of travellers
British insurers paid out £5.3 million per week helping Brits who got ill on holiday

15/07/2010 – Fee transparency to be increased for US airlines
New rules may force carriers to give travel agents data on baggage and other fees.

14/07/2010 – Cheaptravelinsurance change underwriters
Mondial will now underwrite all policies

12/07/2010 – May sees more flight cancellations and passenger complaints
US airlines may simply be cancelling flights to avoid new penalties for delays.

08/07/2010 – Thousands fail to tell insurers of medical conditions
Nearly half a million British tourists risk invalidating their travel insurance policies.

05/07/2010 – Public hopelessly confused by travel insurance policies
Industry experts admit that only 20 per cent of travellers are protected.

01/07/2010 – Study finds 40% of Americans have not holidayed in two years
A recent survey of Americans found that 40 per cent of them have gone two years without a vacation.

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