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June 2010 Travel Insurance News

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28/06/2010 – BA to hire new cabin crew
Amidst ongoing contract talks with Unite, BA has launched a hiring programme.

24/06/2010 – Flight Centre tells Australian travellers: get enough cover
Flight Centre is urging Australian travellers to ensure they have adequate travel insurance.

21/06/2010 – Scanners upgrade at Manchester Airport to alleviate concerns
New software in controversial body scanners will automatically check for threats.

17/06/2010 – Family of sick Brit tourist urge others: take out insurance
Family of elderly Brit injured on holiday highlights the need for comprehensive travel insurance.

14/06/2010 – England fans should check passports before heading to Africa
England football fans should make sure everything is prepared before they travel to the World Cup.

10/06/2010 – Men at greater risk of needing travel insurance
Though all travellers should have insurance, men seem more likely to need it.

07/06/2010 – Travelers bent on adventure should ensure adequate insurance
If you’re going somewhere adventurous or expect adventure, make sure you have plenty of insurance.

03/06/2010 – One-fifth of Scots holiday without insurance
A bank survey finds 20 per cent of Scottish holiday makers don’t take out travel insurance.

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