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May 2010 Travel Insurance News

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31/05/2010 – Don’t hit the high street for travel insurance bargains
A recent survey finds high-street travel agents are not the best place to shop for travel insurance.

27/05/2010 – UK travellers warned not to cut costs on health insurance
Holidaymakers should have sufficient insurance to cover potentially disastrous healthcare costs.

24/05/2010 – Investigators find voice recorder at India jet crash site
Cockpit voice recorder could explain why a Boeing 737 crashed in southern India, killing 158 people.

13/05/2010 – Tribunal dismisses ‘racism’ claim by Scottish pilot
An employment tribunal has dismissed a claim of racial discrimination by a Scottish pilot at BA.

10/05/2010 – New Cuban law mandates travel insurance for visitors
Cuba will now require all travellers to the country to have travel insurance.

06/05/2010 – Families of 7/7 victims ask for Four Lions boycott
The families of victims in the July, 2005 terrorist bombings ask UK cinemas not to screen the film.

03/05/2010 – New bill gives airline passengers new rights
Passengers to be protected from agonizing hours in delayed aircraft.

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