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October 2009 Travel Insurance News

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29/10/2009 – Brit holidaymakers looking for more activities
UK travellers from all age-groups seeking more adventure on their holiday

26/10/2009 – Swiss Airlines scoop top award
Swiss and Singapore airlines win big at Guardian and Observer Travel Awards

23/10/2009 – Independent travellers to be protected by BIBA cover
BIBA ammends flagship policy to help independent travellers be more protected

19/10/2009 – Manulife buys Pottruff & Smith travel insurance company
Manulife becomes Canada's second largest travel insurer after the all-cash acquisition

15/10/2009 – Brits forgetting travel essentials in last minute rushes
Seventeen [ercent of Brits leave for European holidays without insurance cover

12/10/2009 – ABTA wants to protect independent travellers
Independent travellers to be accorded more safeguards

08/10/2009 – EU motorist-fine treaty hits stumbling block
British motorists may face fines while other European motorists get away scot free

05/10/2009 – British backpackers see Australia as safe bet
Gap Year Brits think New Zealand and Australia are safe travelling options

01/10/2009 – British travellers among most adventurous tourists
Study reveals Brits often impulsively embark on risky adventures abroad

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