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August 2009 Travel Insurance News

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31/08/2009 – Important to book holidays with bonded agent
Trips booked with a bonded and licensed travel agent ensures protection against company failure.

27/08/2009 – Drug offences top cause of Brit arrests abroad
Twenty per cent of arrests of Britons overseas are drug-related, the Foreign Office (FO) says.

24/08/2009 – Returning Brits face fines for fake goods
Travellers risks fines of thousands of pounds for buying counterfeit designer goods abroad.

20/08/2009 – French travellers may be billed for rescue
French tourists landing in trouble overseas may have to repay the government for its help.

17/08/2009 – New global travel health guide published
A new “CDC Health Information for International Travel” - “The Yellow Book” - has been released.

13/08/2009 – Britons lack confidence in baggage handling
A Post Office survey has shown that travellers worry about their checked baggage turning up.

10/08/2009 – Holidaymakers take legal action over hellish hotel
A group of UK holidaymakers has begun legal action against four travel operators.

06/08/2009 – Alaskan cruise passenger an apparent suicide
A woman on board a Holland America cruise went overboard, reportedly committing suicide.

03/08/2009 – Free health cover for Mexico City tourists
Mexico City officials are hoping to entice tourists with complimentary health insurance.

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