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July 2009 Travel Insurance News

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30/07/2009 – Possible new lost luggage laws for EU
Regulators are improved oversight of airlines and airports regarding lost passenger luggage.

27/07/2009 – Most travel insurers accepting H1N1 claims
According to the ABI, most companies will now accept claims without a doctor's letter.

23/07/2009 – Airline safety takes a plunge in 2009
Until this year, aviation risks have diminished since the first Wright brothers’ flight in 1903.

20/07/2009 – Britons head abroad as school ends
ABTA estimates that as many as 1.8 million holidaymakers will travel on the first weekend alone.

16/07/2009 – Southwest plane forced into emergency landing
A hole the size of a football in the plane’s fuselage caused the cabin to lose pressure.

13/07/2009 – Passenger refunds after norovirus outbreak
Cruise passengers involved in vomiting bug outbreak will get their money back.

09/07/2009 – Walt Disney World monorail in fatal crash
A train operator was killed in head-on collision between two trains.

06/07/2009 – President Obama goes robotic
Walt Disney World in Florida unveils audio-animatronic President Obama

02/07/2009 – Airlines adding travel cover despite EU ban
Airline passengers are automatically being charged a fee for travel insurance

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