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June 2009 Travel Insurance News

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29/06/2009 – The falling cost of long distance travel
Long-haul holidays cost much less than they did a year ago

25/06/2009 – Travel insurance companies raise age restrictions
Insurance companies are upping policy age limits to allow older travellers to get cover.

22/06/2009 – Holiday prices remain constant as pound strengthens
Holiday costs are expected to stay the same next year

18/06/2009 – Brits heading back to the sunshine state
The strengthening pound is sending the British back over to Florida.

15/06/2009 – Business travellers essential for survival
Airlines target their services at business travellers to try to avoid losing money

11/06/2009 – Drunkenness can mean travel insurance is null and void
A massive 70% of holiday makers do not realise that alcohol can invalidate their insurance claim.

08/06/2009 – Travel insurance a priority for ferry travellers
Travel insurance is an important precaution for weekend ferry trips

04/06/2009 – Mums gone to Iceland….. and Dad, kids and granny!
Iceland is now becoming a place to go for cheap holidays thanks to their economy.

01/06/2009 – Surprise winner of insurance awards
Results of the recent British Travel Awards

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