Travel News For November 2008 - Travel Insurance News

November 2008 Travel Insurance News

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27/11/2008 – Air Passenger Duty may be increased
The government may postpone plans to replace the Air Passenger Duty (APD) and increase the amount instead.

24/11/2008 – Fewer UK visits to US due to weaker pound
A weakening pound and tighter credit are leading to fewer trips planned to the US by UK shoppers and skiers.

20/11/2008 – Carnival Cruises settles class action lawsuit
Carnival passengers on a millennium cruise disrupted by equipment failure received a settlement from the operator.

19/11/2008 – Weather forecasters predict good early snow
Pre Christmas snowfalls for ski resorts

17/11/2008 – Shopping bargains await Brits in New York
Despite the pound's drop in relation to the dollar, there are still some shopping values to be found in New York.

13/11/2008 – Head of Arriva Trains agrees travel is uncomfortable
The director of Arriva Trains Wales cites the lack of trains as the problem.

10/11/2008 – Travellers warned to avoid unlicensed agents
Holidaymakers are being urged to ensure that their travel operator is licensed before making a booking.

06/11/2008 – Singapore Airlines reducing fuel surcharges
Singapore Airlines announced a reduction in fuel surcharges for passengers in economy and business class.

03/11/2008 – New EU rules on air ticket price advertisements
Passengers will now see fully-inclusive air ticket prices in newspaper adverts and on airline websites.

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