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September 2008 Travel Insurance News

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29/09/2008 – California train operators prohibited from texting on duty
Regulators in California moved to ban text messaging by train engineers, one day after a deadly accident.

25/09/2008 – Dangers of texting while driving revealed
Texting while driving causing more impairment that drinking and being high on drugs.

22/09/2008 – Economy leads to travel without insurance
The latest reports are showing that 24 per cent of UK holidaymakers will travel abroad without insurance.

21/09/2008 – Scheme promotes alternative transport around town
A new Weston-super-Mare project offers guidance on getting around without the car.

18/09/2008 – Police raid adds drama to rescue attempts at Alitalia
The Alitalia rescue now has the spectre of illegality added to the political intrigue and late night union talks.

15/09/2008 – UK holidaymakers stranded as another tour operator collapses
British tourists in Turkey were hit with the latest in a series of tour company collapses on Sunday.

12/09/2008 – UK airline XL goes into administration
Holiday group XL went into administration leaving up to 85,000 holidaymakers stranded abroad

11/09/2008 – Brilliant Weekends Travel collapses
Bristol-based operator stopped trading early last week, leaving future bookings in question and 23 staff without jobs.

08/09/2008 – Help for stranded passengers on the way
Travel insurance protecting passengers against airline failures will be offered to the UK public this coming week.

04/09/2008 – Nearly half of UK travellers have made insurance claim
Close to 50 per cent of all British travellers admit that they have filed a travel insurance claim.

01/09/2008 – UK travellers returning to ferry travel
Travelling by ferry is seeing a resurgence in popularity with many people in the UK, largely due to its convenience.

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