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August 2008 Travel Insurance News

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28/08/2008 – Great Escapes travel company closes its doors
Ronane Travel customers in the west of Ireland may miss out on holidays booked through the travel operator.

25/08/2008 – Suitable travel insurance important for backpackers
A travel agent is urging backpackers to ensure they have suitable travel cover before heading to exotic locales.

21/08/2008 – Travel cover necessary for holiday in Turkey
A weakened pound is prompting UK holidaymakers to look outside typical destinations for their annual break.

19/08/2008 – Airlines reduce payload to save on fuel
Airlines lighten their loads in areas of catering to save on jet fuel

18/08/2008 – Bank Holiday Flights at risk with 24 hour strike
24 Hour Strikes could wreck Bank Holiday Flights at Gatwick and Stansted

18/08/2008 – Medical cover essential for travel outside EU
UK holidaymakers travelling outside western Europe need to ensure that they have proper medical cover.

14/08/2008 – Summer holiday insurance makes money sense
With holidays underway Brits are advised that financial losses while away can be substantial.

11/08/2008 – Travel insurers fear increase in false claims
Travel insurers are preparing for a wave of fraudulent claims by financially-strapped holidaymakers.

07/08/2008 – Planning insurance important when booking a summer holiday
Talk about plans for summer holidays often don't include insurance.

04/08/2008 – Brits need travel insurance for breaks at home
British holidaymakers who have traded their annual trip abroad for a break closer to home could be in for to the sun fo

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