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July 2008 Travel Insurance News

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31/07/2008 – Theft concerns confirm need for travel insurance
A new study showing that nearly 10 per cent of British holidaymakers have their wallets stolen while travelling has brou

28/07/2008 – Knowing what your travel insurance covers is key
Two million Britons are heading on holiday this weekend and most can expect their travel to be trouble-free, but for tho

24/07/2008 – Opting for annual travel insurance can be cost effective
Millions of UK travellers may well be overpaying for travel insurance when they purchase individual policies for each tr

21/07/2008 – Many travellers taking risks travelling without insurance
When the summer holiday season arrives most travellers start thinking about sunglasses and sun creams and the right clot

17/07/2008 – Nearly half of UK holidaymakers without travel insurance
Fourteen percent of UK holidaymakers report that they do not purchase travel cover for each trip they take, according to

14/07/2008 – HSBC offers green travel insurance plan
HK$2m scheme helps reduce air pollutants with the use of eco-blocks.

07/07/2008 – Air travellers to receive help in cancellation compensations
Industry expects are saying that airline passengers could soon be able to claim £1 million annually in compensation from

04/07/2008 – What to do if your carrier goes bankrupt
claiming back when you have no insurance

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