Travel News For February 2008 - Travel Insurance News

February 2008 Travel Insurance News

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28/02/2008 – Rugby fans urged to check insurance
Even short term travel to a rugby game requries insurance

25/02/2008 – More insight into ongoing Heathrow debate
How will heathrow handle the future?

25/02/2008 – Aer Lingus continues insurance partnership
Aer Lingus offers travel insurance through Mondial Assistance

24/02/2008 – Passengers in transit to be subject to UK tax?
New rules for UK non domicile residents

22/02/2008 – Spain's high speed train
Bullet train whisks Spaniards at 185mph

21/02/2008 – Don't settle for less
Insurance companies may be unethically offering compensation

18/02/2008 – BA's new insurance policy angers
BAs website now automatically adds insurance with every flight

14/02/2008 – Insurance available on 180 second trips
Rail companies are now offering travel insurance.

11/02/2008 – Tesco's insurance policy questioned
An ill man was denied coverage under his Tesco travel insurance

07/02/2008 – Britons chose insurance over TV
A recent study illustrates just how much Britons value insurance

06/02/2008 – Ryanair see profits slump
Third quarter profits show large loss

04/02/2008 – Travel now possible to Kenya
The UK has lifted their travel ban to Kenya

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