Travel News For January 2008 - Travel Insurance News

January 2008 Travel Insurance News

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30/01/2008 – Paradiski ends
La Plagne and Les Arcs go solo

29/01/2008 – Southend Airport continues to grow
Big numbers using Southend Airport

29/01/2008 – Tour operators cancel trips to Kenya
Package holidays cancelled

28/01/2008 – STA Travel advises travelers to get covered
Industry experts advise travel insurance on trips

28/01/2008 – Foreign Office warnings and your travel insurance
Travel insurance could be void in dangerous countries

25/01/2008 – Online feedback influences hotel choices
Web reviews muscle out print

24/01/2008 – Flying much 'greener' than cruising
Cruise ships blamed for high emissions

22/01/2008 – Inverness Airport claims rights to fly nights
All-night flights in Inverness?

21/01/2008 – Terminal clearing brawl at Birmingham
Violent brawl in pasenger terminal

12/01/2008 – Aer Lingus' new route sells but a third capacity
Aer Lingus's move to Belfast in question

10/01/2008 – Travellers urged to research destinations
Travellers can avoid many problems with a bit of checking ahead.

07/01/2008 – Virgin Atlantic plans for normality despite strike
Carrier hopes volunteer employees will pull through.

04/01/2008 – Virgin offers Heathrow’s fastest check-in
Check-in under 4 mins. with Virgin

02/01/2008 – Mobile phones to act as boarding pass
Airlines push for paperless admin

01/01/2008 – Railways still unpopular
Travellers prefer flight

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