UK updates Thailand travel advisory

The UK Foreign Office has updated its advice regarding travel to Thailand during the current flood situation.

Travel Insurance News - 17/11/2011

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The agency had previously advised UK nationals to avoid all non-essential travel to the Southeast Asian country amid its worst flooding in 50 years, but has since changed the advice and now only says that 22 provinces and certain parts of the capital should be avoided.

Officials from the Foreign Office also warned that there was still a small chance that parts of inner Bangkok could still become inundated by the flooding as the water continues to move towards the Gulf of Thailand.

Meanwhile, disruptions to transportation within the country remain widespread. Rail services have been reduced and two of Bangkok’s three long-distance bus terminals are still underwater. Similarly, the capital’s secondary airport, Don Muang has remains shut and has been under about a metre of water for nearly two weeks.

Tourism numbers have dropped substantially since over the past month, according to Tourism Authority of Thailand; however, the agency continues to convey the message that Thailand is still open for tourism as numerous popular areas remain unaffected, including Phuket, Chiang Mai and Ko Samui.

Those with bookings for travel to Bangkok and surrounding provinces advised to call their tour operator regarding the situation.

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