Warning to be honest on insurance applications

It pays to be completely honest on applications for travel cover, especially as people age.

Travel Insurance News - 30/05/2011

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People are being warned to make sure they provide honest and accurate information when filling out applications for travel insurance. The need for honesty increases as people age, when there may be more illnesses and/or injuries to declare, as well as an increased risk of problems while travelling.

Holding back a few details might seem like a good way to speeding through an insurance application or keeping the costs down but it could prove a false economy and a very expensive mistake. Insurance companies can refuse to cover people where pertinent information is knowingly inaccurate on their applications or left out altogether.

Age UK is urging older people to ensure they provide the truth when applying for holiday insurance. Being truthful will mean that holidaymakers can truly relax on their trips abroad without having to worry whether any mishaps or problems will be covered.

The caution was issued after consumer organisation Which? announced the challenges older people can encounter when trying to get insurance. Gordon Morris, MD of Age UK Enterprises, said people should shop around to find the best policies for them.

He urged them to be totally transparent when buying insurance. It is imperative that people advise their insurers of any medical conditions they may have.

Though holding back some information might make the premiums cheaper, it could mean that costly injuries or illnesses are not covered. If a provider finds out the application was incomplete or untruthful, holidaymakers can find themselves without any way to cover the potentially high price of medical attention abroad or emergency transportation home.

<< Ash chaos could be avoided this weekend | Travel News | FCO’s latest warning about travel insurance >>