London records increasing fatalities among cyclists

Safety groups call for more education and increased safety measures

Travel Insurance News - 09/11/2009

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This spring, the percentages of cyclists killed or were seriously injured saw a marked increase in England’s capital city. The Department of transport estimated that 820 people were killed or seriously injured. This heralds a 19% increase from last year’s figures. Also lesser injuries were pegged at an increase of 9%.

The reason for the drastic increase in numbers was unclear. One cause could be attributed to the sudden increase in cyclists this Easter. If good weather conditions prevail, even more cyclists are expected to hit the road. Another cause of increased cyclists is also being attributed to changes in lifestyle brought on by the crippling recession, from which England seems yet to recover. As transport costs have risen and people have less money to spend, more people are choosing to cycle to work rather than drive or hop on the bus or train.

The increase in cycle-related accidents and resulting fatalities has caused concern among safety groups, who have said more needs to be done to both educate road-users as well as to make cycling safer. Safety measures that are advocated by campaigners include more lanes for cycles and better education to raise awareness for cyclists. This will include renewed efforts to ensure safety of cyclists.

There are new patterns in the accidents occurring. In the first half of the year, six cyclists were killed in collisions with goods vehicles. The need of the hour is that these patterns have to be recognized and remedied quickly, safety campaigners say.

Annual figures for the whole country, again show an increase, with 2680 casualties. Last year’s figures were pegged at 2575, which means this year has already recorded a 4 % increase.

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