Brits forgetting travel essentials in last minute rushes

Seventeen [ercent of Brits leave for European holidays without insurance cover

Travel Insurance News - 15/10/2009

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A recent study reveals that Brits are getting increasingly forgetful of even the most basic essentials when making last-minute dashes to destinations in Europe. In some cases, UK travellers have even been known to leave their all-important passports behind.

AA Travel Insurance has said the trend to make last-minute travel plans appears on the rise, with many tourists facing risks by forgetting or avoiding to get adequate insurance for travel to Europe. Last minute dashes are also leading to many Brits losing out on the best travel deals available.

The insurance company says over 50% of travel insurance policies for single trips to Europe are purchased within three days of travel, and in some cases, even hours or minutes before the travellers leave on their trip. Around 17% of British travellers make trips to Europe without acquiring any cover at all, says director of AA Travel Insurance, Christian Young.

Young says people who delay their organisation to the last minute inevitable have less time to be adequately prepared for their trips, and oftentimes, getting insurance is put off until it's too late. In some cases, travellers are getting to their ferry, train or air departure points without even their passports, and are then unable to travel.

Young says medical problems are among the most commonly occurring travel insurance claims, and warns that not having insurance could lead to travellers having to pay out of their pockets. He stresses that an EHIC reciprocal medical card is not an adequate substitute for travel insurance, which is key if travellers need to be transported home for medical purposes. Moreover, he warns that some local doctors and hospitals may charge for treatments even if travellers are in possession of an EHIC card.

Insurance should be at the top of every traveller's list, Young says, and points out that travel insurance costs the same, whether purchased weeks in advance or only a few minutes before travel.

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