Credit cards no replacement for travel insurance

Travelers need to rely on travel insurance, not credit cards

Travel Insurance News - 10/03/2008

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British travelers getting ready to head off on holiday should make sure that they have proper travel insurance with Apacs, a British payment association, warning that credit card protection is not adequate.

According to Mark Bowerman, a spokesperson for Apacs, travelers are protected when buying abroad when using their credit card by the Consumer Credit Act (1974).

"But customers should not confuse this with travel insurance,” he warned. “If you are concerned about travel insurance then you need to seek advice from your insurance or credit card company.”

When purchasing goods abroad, it is always a good idea, however, to use a credit card. The Consumer Credit Act protects consumers against wrongly-describe or faulty goods. It does not, however, protect travelers against baggage loss, damage or theft or cover them in the case of a medical emergency.

Shopping for travel insurance can be quick and easy, especially on the internet. Great deals and discounts are usually available for policies bought online. Whether booking through an agent in person, on the telephone or through the internet, it is always a good idea to read through the find print of the policy to ensure it covers your needs.

<< Lost luggage rates climb | Travel News | Tourist numbers are down >>