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If historical buildings, beautiful piazzas, excellent food, prime beaches and pleasant weather are things you look for in a holiday destination, look no further than San Marino. One of the smallest republics in the world, San Marino still feels like it is part of Italy, it has a lovely climate, interesting tourist attractions and plenty of culture and a cuisine that strongly reflects Italian tastes.

San Marino is a popular holiday destination year round with tourists. The winter months providing snowy photo opportunities and summer bringing the beautiful weather the Mediterranean is famous for. Whatever time of year you visit San Marino there will always be things to do.

The city is full of historical sites, like the Basillica del Santo, where the relics of San Marino, the city's patron saint, are housed, and the Palazzo Publico, which acts as an anchor point for the city with its tall clock tower. There are three towers around the circumference of the city, long out of use as bastions of defence but still great ways to get different vantage points of the city and its surrounding mountains and coastline. La Rocca is the oldest of the towers, built in the 11th century, and was carved directly from Mount Titano. The highest of the three is the Cesta, constructed slightly later in the 13th century.

To get a deeper understanding of the city, slip into the State Museum of San Marino where exhibitions, artefacts and archeological finds provide insight into the history of the republic. According to the museum, there was a monastery on the site of present day San Marino dating as far back as the 6th century.

Italy is famous for its food, and San Marino is right there with the country that surrounds it as far as gastronomy goes. The city is awash with excellent food, prepared with the care that has attracted commoners and epicureans alike to Italy.

After dinner, the San Marino nightlife kicks into action with enough clubs andbars and to please even the most fickle of partygoers. For a more cultural experience, check out the local newspapers and information guides to see what's on as far as theatre is concerned.

Italy is famous for shopping and in San Marino visitors will be treated to the Italian style and quality they expect, but with the added bonus of waiving the sales tax they would pay in Italy.