Faro Travel Guide

Faro Tourist Information

Situated on the spectacular Algarve coastline, the provincial capital of Faro is a popular tourist destination in Portugal. With beautiful secluded beaches, dramatic cliffs, lush rolling hills, great restaurants, attractive shopping precincts and a lively nightlife, it is easy to see why. The city has a long and interesting history dating back to the 9th century, with Arab and Roman ruins still standing today.

With 9th century Roman walls surrounding Faro, the old sections of the city are particularly amazing. The beautiful cobblestone streets and tiled walls lead through a labyrinth of historic buildings, with numerous shops, restaurants and bars in abundance. The town has had its fair share of bad luck, including the invasion of the Crusaders and some large earthquakes in the 18th century, which ruined much of the ancient architecture. Fortunately much has been repaired and reconstructed.

Tourist Attractions Around Faro

Although one of Faro's main activities is simply wandering the streets and lanes of the charming old town while shopping or relaxing at the many caf├ęs there are also some interesting and notable museums on hand too. The archaeological Municipal Museum is located in a former convent, while the Maritime Museum has a fantastic historic display of the ships and boats from the region.

If it's sunny, white sand beaches you're after, then Faro is the perfect destination as it features an array of choices close by. Crystal clear waters and impressive cliffs make Faro's beaches very attractive. With deck chairs, umbrellas, and endless amounts of beach activities the days just fly by. There are also some small offshore islands to travel to which offer exclusive beaches and great bird watching opportunities.

Transport Around Faro

Faro is easily accessible from Faro International airport, which has many flights arriving and departing daily from UK and European cities, as well as flights from many of Portugal's other cities. The airport is located only a few miles from the city and offers plenty of taxis and shuttle bus services.