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Monaco, known around the world for its glitz and glamour, draws a lively mix of multi-millionaires and tourists. It is a popular hang out for the rich and famous to enjoy their wealth and live the high life. But it is also a great place for tourists to soak up some of its culture and atmosphere.

Monte Carlos's Royal Palace, dating back to the 13th century, is an expansive and striking compound with features reflecting the tastes of each of the country's rulers over a period of 700 years. The changing of the guard is a popular event with tourists, performed daily and can be viewed as part of a Monaco tour.

Monaco Cathedral, built in the late 1800s on a site dating back to the 13th century, is a marvellous architectural feat, built with stunning white marble. It is home to the tombs of the former princes of the country.

The Monte Carlo Casino is probably the most well-known tourist attraction in the city, a place where tourists come together to wine, dine and gamble. The marina, another high-class hangout destination, showcases the favourite pastimes of the moneyed visitors and residents, with yachts dotting the waters and chic café restaurants and bars affording picturesque views of the port.

The Musée Océographique, among Europe's most impressive aquariums, is home to thousands of sea species, housed in over 90 seawater tanks. Musée d'Anthropologie Préhistorique offers fascinating insight into the rich history and natural formation of the country and the land, while the Jardin Exotique, or Exotic Garden, is a fabulous natural habitat featuring over 7,000 types of cacti plants, one of the largest collections in the world.

Monaco has plenty in the way of pristine beaches, where a lazy day of sun bathing surrounded by spectacular beauty is a great way for all the family to relax and rejuvenate. Antibes is a popular seaside destination, while glitzy Cannes is always a treat.

The French city of Nice is located just a few miles from Monaco, where architectural styles ranging from Genoese and Provencal to medieval and Baroque make the winding alleys a great place to explore.

Many tourists travelling to Monaco from outside the country will fly into Nice international airport, which is located just over 50 miles from Monte Carlo. Car hire is an excellent way to get out and explore the sites in and around Monaco, while limited bus services will take you to some of the better known destinations.