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Japan is made up of 6,852 islands in the Pacific Ocean with the four largest accounting for almost the whole of the Japanese population which is the tenth largest in the world. Japan’s capital Tokyo and its surrounding area, accounts for more than 30million of a total of 127 million people.

One of Japan’s most famous attractions is its beautiful cherry blossom. There are some fabulous Japan tourist locations that include parks full of cherry blossom trees such as the Goryokaku Fort Park in harbour city of Haokdate, it has a fort built during the 1850’s which is one of the largest in Japan. The Tohoku region has the Hirosaki Castle Park which has a castle amongst its 49 hectares, the home to 50 different varieties of cherry tree planted in the early 18th century.

Japan has thousands of public parks and one of the most crowded is in Tokyo, the Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyoen Park which has more than 1,000 trees which are lit up in the evenings. Daigo-Ji Temple in Kyoto is one of Japans’ World Heritage Sites with over 700 cherry blossom trees which cover its 660 hectares including Mt Daigo which takes more than an hour to climb up.

Most of Japan’s landmass is made up of mountains and highlands with many mountains such as Mt Fuji, being revered areas of great spiritual importance. There are also areas of subtropical rainforests and hot springs. Japanese people are very fond of their hot springs and have been harnessing the natural forces in health treatments for centuries with treatments readily available in the many spa resorts that can be found in most areas of Japan.

Japan is becoming more popular amongst winter sports enthusiasts arriving from around the world having discovered that Japan has huge amount of readily available snow. Covering the mountains during the winter months bought in on the cold Siberian, Japan experiences at least four snow covered months each year.