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Naples Travel Guide

Set in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius along Italy's southern shore, Naples has survived the reign of the Roman Empire, as well as numerous European monarchs, tourists will find it is a sprawling metropolis and important centre of trade. The city's historic centre, and close proximity to some of the country's top tourist attractions, have helped to revive the aging port with a new wave of tourism and industry.

Founded by the Greeks in 600 BC, the strategic port and has since remained one of Europe's most important centres of shipping and trade. Home in antiquity to both Virgil and Nero, Naples became part of a unified Italy in the late 19th century after years of fluctuating ownership. While heavy damage sustained during WWII caused parts of the city to fall into disrepair, a resurgence of tourism has encouraged rebuilding to restore some of the city's former glory.

Naples Tourist Attractions

Naples' historic highlights can be found in its city centre, with over 400 ancient churches, including the Gothic Santa Chiara and San Giacomo degli Spagnoli, and the Chapel of San Sansevero. The National Archaeological Museum and the Museo and Galleria di Capodimonte boast impressive collections of antiquities salvaged from Pompeii, as well as fine works of art collected from throughout the ancient world.

Known as a base for visiting the surrounding region, Naples is central to some of the country's most charming sights and these can often be enjoyed on a Naples tour. The quiet islands of Procida, Capri and Ischia lie just offshore, while to the south Sorrento and the enchanting Amalfi coast, home of St Andrew's Church and relics, await. The ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae, once buried under the ash from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, are the world's most beautifully preserved Roman villages, with some frescos and villas entirely intact.

Neapolitan cuisine is famed throughout the world, and the region has created some of Italy's most popular dishes including spaghetti and pizza Margherita. Caf├ęs selling aromatic Italian espresso abound, with a variety of panini sandwiches featuring local meats and cheese. Both shopping and dining are favourite Italian pastimes, and restaurants offering delicious fare with regional wines are easy to find just about anywhere.

Transport Around Naples

Naples is serviced by Capodochino International Airport, although many visitors arrive by train from Rome. The city is the main point of embarkation to the islands of Capri, Ischia or Procida, reachable by ferry or hydrofoil. Most of the main attractions around the city can be enjoyed on foot, or by any means of local transport, including bus, trolley, metro and funiculars. Naples is a congested city with narrow streets, and driving here is not recommended.