Selecting the Correct Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Selecting the Correct Policy

We have listed below the majority of questions we are frequently asked about selecting the right cover. We hope this helps but of course if you have any other questions please look at the other frequently asked questions or if you still can't find an answer don't hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to help on 01392 287 418.

Although these frequently asked questions are to assist you. You should read the policy carefully to make sure it suits your requirements. The policy wording is available on this site HERE.

Selecting the Right Cover

  • Can you provide me with travel insurance for business travel?
    Our policies will cover you if you are travelling abroad on business. If you would like to add additional cover to include £1,000 if your business equipment is lost, damaged or stollen, our 'Superior' policy will be the right one for you. Other benefits inlude up to £500 if your business money is lost or stollen and up to £2,000 if you are unable to commence or continue your business trip..
  • Can I reduce the premium by taking less medical insurance cover?
    No - Although we offer three levels of cover, all of our polices offer medical emergency cover of £10million.
  • What is the E111/EHIC form?
    E111 form has now been replaced with the EHIC. The EHIC form is now issused on an indiviual basis and will help cover medical costs occured in Europe. Please click for more details regarding EHIC.
  • Can members of my family named on the policy travel independently?
    All adult members aged 18 years and above can travel independently, children can travel only when accompanied by at least one adult on the policy.
  • If my child turns 18 during the life of the annual policy do I need to tell you?
    Not until your policy is renewed and you will not be charged on your existing policy.
  • My travel agent is asking if I have travel insurance, should I buy it from them?
    Your travel agent may well want to see your insurance policy to prove you have bought some. Your agent may need the policy documentation number. You do not need to buy the insurance from the agent.
  • What is the longest time that I can be covered for each trip with an Annual Multi-Trip policy?
    The longest period in consecutive days is 62.
  • What other types of cover can I add to my Annual Travel Policy?
    We are delighted to offer our customers a range of additional sporting activities to the 150 already included. As well as the additional sports, we also offer Gadget Cover, Wedding Cover, Business Cover, Golf Cover and Winter Sports cover.