End Supplier Failure Cover - Policy A

up to £1,000 to cover any amounts already paid for the scheduled flight that you are unable to get back.

The airline on which you are booked becomes insolvent before your departure from your home country causing you financial loss

Please Note- No cover is provided under this for section due to; -

 Anything mentioned in the conditions or general exclusions (page 11)

 The financial failure of your travel agent, tour organiser, booking agent or flight consolidator with whom your scheduled flight has been booked.

Yyou being able to obtain a refund from any other source, where your scheduled airline is bonded or insured elsewhere or where you have paid for the flight by credit card and can claim a refund from credit card provider, even if the payment is insufficient to meet your claim.

 Your scheduled airline being in administration or, in the USA and Canada, in Chapter 11 at the time of taking out your policy.

If you are unable to use your Timeshare - Policy A

 Up to £400 per week for the period of timeshare you are unable to use, plus the management charge for this period.

 If the end supplier becomes insolvent while you are on holiday you can claim the extra pro rata costs you have to pay to replace that part of the end suppliers arrangements to a similar standard to that which was originally booked; or if curtailment of the journey is unavoidable, the cost of return transport to your home country to a similar standard to that which was originally booked.